The professions in engineering, law, architecture and accountancy have bodies of knowledge, codes of practice, international awards and competency systems. Events, as a profession, is in its infancy, just as those professions were 100 years ago. Using the development of all other professions as a guide, we conclude that the EMBOK will be instrumental in the next phase of the event industry.

The EMBOK is a framework to be used by governments, local authorities and other organizations for the development of their events. It can be used as the foundation for competency levels in event management and, therefore, for the development of curriculum.

It can be used by the numerous associations around the world to evaluate their accreditation and develop event-type specific EMBOKs, such as the Exhibition EMBOK, Conference EMBOK, Festival EMBOK and Sports EMBOK. The EMBOK is international and therefore can assist in creation of an event industry in developing countries.

There can be no doubt that there will be new rules, regulations and possible legislation that will affect the event industry. The governments of some regions, such as South Africa are already considering event specific legislation. The EMBOK will assist the legislators in understanding the profession of event management.

We encourage its use. We want the EMBOK to help develop a responsible and sustainable international industry. The EMBOK is open for use - acknowledgment is all that is needed.

Did you know?

Since the initial work on EMBOK, work has continued with other organisations to provide industry ready outputs.  For example, Tourism HR Canada (formerly Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council - CTHRC) drew on a wide range of industry expertise and content, including from EMBOK and members of the International EMBOK Executive, to develop the Event Management International Competency Standards (EMICS).  These were in turn then used as the basis of Meeting Professional International's Meeting and Business Events Competency Standards (MBECS).

THRC have moved forward and developed an International Events Qualifications Framework (IEQF).


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